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The issues that have to be resolved in a divorce are all-encompassing and our Manhattan family law firm is there each step of the way. That starts with the basic decision to file a divorce petition or to respond to a petition that has been served. Timetables and procedures must be adhered to, and an experienced lawyer can ensure that documents are filed in accord with the requirements of the state of New York. The decision is to whether a divorce will be contested or uncontested will shape the tenor of the process that lies ahead .

When it’s time to work out the settlement, the spouses must work out a way to divide their assets. State law mandates that this be done under the principle of equitable distribution. Each spouse must be treated fairly. But fair does not always mean a direct 50/50 split. Every situation is different. We listen carefully to all our clients so we can best understand what’s fair for them, and then we become their strongest advocate in negotiation, and—when necessary—in litigation. 

Spousal maintenance—or alimony, is it can be referred to in casual conversation, is something that applies when the spouses may be earning different levels of income. The reasons for income disparity are numerous, but one commonality in a divorce case is this—both spouses must be able to live in the manner to which they have become accustomed. A fair spousal maintenance plan may be necessary to achieve this. 

Helping You Move Forward During Divorce

So much about the divorce process can touch sensitive topics, but perhaps none more so than the future of children. Spouses have to work out a plan for co-parenting ,one that will cover all facets of child custody, support, and rules of visitation. New York law protects parental rights and Guilford Law Group, PLLC is particularly committed to a father’s rights to see their children—and their responsibility to support them. 

The clients who come to our Manhattan office get an attorney that is committed to fighting for their rights on every detail of a settlement case. We can be reached by calling (646) 783-0074 or through filling out our online contact form. 

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When people come to a family lawyer they are, by definition, going through some sort of difficult time on the home front. Finding the way to a resolution is the first step to living out a better future. We’re here to help do that—to fight for the rights and well-being of our clients. Call Guilford Law Group, PLLC today at (646) 783-0074 or contact us online to set up a consultation. 

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